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"Abitare Futuro" is the theme inspiring this Altofest special edition. From 4th of November to 8th of December, over 26 international artists with performances in 11 towns of Basilicata Region, in 5 different areas, will be hosted by residents in their houses, which then become venues that welcome audiences. These artistic works breakthrough the households' daily life, giving rise to the poetic part of life. Altofest explores experimental sociality through contemporary live art. It is based on the principle of proximity, gift, mutual care, giving rise to a direct relationship between the artist and the citizen, inaugurating a dialogue on the profound sense of hospitality.

Photo credits: Flaviana Frascogna

Moliterno, Italy

Monamas Theatre Company will be participating in AltoFest Matera Basilicata 2019 with the new production The Free besieged.

“The Free besieged” talks about the struggle for freedom; talks about the state of the world today. A world where we seemingly feel free but in fact are completely controlled and manipulated in acting and behaving in certain ways. 


We’re here to question the very meaning of Freedom. What is Freedom? What is the importance of Freedom? Will we ever be able to live in a perfect free world? A world free of conflict, hunger and unhappiness? Or is this a Utopia? Is freedom itself a utopian place?


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