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Meet the team
Chrysanthi Avloniti_Headshots_edited.jpg
Chrysanthi Avloniti

(RYT 200h, Yoga Alliance/ AOR 500h)

3 certificates

Project Manager, Wellness Instructor, Facilitator, Creative practitioner

For almost 20 years Chrysanthi has been working as a theatre director, performer and facilitator, collaborating with acclaimed venues around the globe. During her creative career she used yoga’s physical benefits to release tension and improve flexibility. Her curiosity and interest in body mechanics and wellness led her to further study yoga, meditation, reflexology and massage. But it was only until after her cancer diagnosis that she truly found meaning in those practices. Yoga and meditation became the pathway for her healing and helped her improve her quality of life through easing physical symptoms and reducing fear and anxiety. She now wants to share her story and do whatever she can to promote the importance and value of prioritising self-care, by organising wellbeing retreats and workshops.

Anna Kritikou

(RYT 200h, Yoga Alliance/ STAT 1600h)

3 certificates

Trainer, Wellness Instructor, Event Facilitator/


Anna has always been fascinated by the way the body moves and functions. She discovered the world of somatics during her acting training in 2007 and has been exploring the field ever since. She is a certified Yoga instructor and an Alexander technique teacher with years of experience in the private and corporate sector. She started teaching in 2010 and her classes help students increase body awareness, find centre, alignment and balance while connecting to the present moment through mindful movement and breath-work, leaving a sense of calmness and ease. Her guiding principles are effortlessness in motion and curiosity for body mechanics. Her classes and workshops are always informative and aim to promote body awareness. 

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