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title. Fragmenting to Recompose the Self

date. 20/01/2019

city. London 

venue. Tate Modern / Tate Exchange


Designed & Performed by

Maritina Keleri & Chrysanthi Avloniti

Photos by Tina Liagki, Seraphina Neville

Tate Exchange_edited.jpg

"Fragmenting to recompose the Self" is an interactive performance with Maritina Keleri & Chrysanthi Avloniti.

It was performed at the Tate Exchange 2019, as part of Come Together: Art and Politics in a Climate of Unrest.

Starting from Foucault's text on the utopian body, this performance explores the way we see the Self.

The first image that comes to mind is the reflection of the body in the mirror.

We are primarily visual creatures, therefore images dominate all other stimuli. We see the world through our view of our Self.

And vice versa.

The Self is formed via the view that others have of us.

A fundamental principle that forms our perception of every day life relations - to every extent.

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