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The Somatic in Theatre & Performance Research Gathering

Workshop Coordinator Dr.Christina Kapadocha

This four-day practice research gathering, organised by Dr. Christina Kapadocha, was a research on somatically-informed or somatically-inspired practices in the field of theatre and performing arts, beyond the relatively established dialogues between somatics and dance.


Theatre and performance-based themes we co-explored within this gathering: 

- the somatization of voice and text

- somatic orientations 

- somatic soundscapes

- ecological landscapes 

- somatic costumes

- creative and critical reflection

- somatic modes of listening

- the soma in the collective

- multiple definitions of the somatic

- various manifestations of current practice research

For whom: professional artists, researchers and advanced students who are interested not only in modern theatre and performance practices but also in the contemporary broader contribution of various forms of practice research 


The gathering had a dual objective:

1. to contribute to practical questions in theatre and performance studies

2. to inform broader theoretical discussions through modern practice research/practice as research/performance as research or praxical methodologies. 



-Dr Christina Kapadocha (Lecturer, East 15 Acting School, UK)

- Anna Kritikou (Monamas Theatre Company, UK)

- Chrysanthi Avloniti (Monamas Theatre Company, UK) 

- Fabiano Fabio Culora(Northern School of Contemporary Dance, UK)

- Dr Konstantinos Thomaidis (University of Exeter, UK)

- Sally E Dean (Royal Holloway University, UK)

- Mike Medaglia (Liminal 11 Publisher, UK)

- Dr Elisabeth Belgrano (Inter Arts Centre, Lund University, Sweden) 

- Dr Lisa Woynarski (University of Reading, UK)


Anna’s sessions, influenced by traditional Hatha Yoga practices and from the Alexander Technique were focused on waking up the body and working on coordination skills. The aim of this workshop was to bring the participants to a stage of alertness and openness, to build up self-awareness, both on a physical and psychological level, creating space for change. 


Chrysanthi’s workshop was an invitation to explore the power of ensemble work through contact and movement. The participants were introduced to different dance styles from around Greece, and then encouraged to improvise on live percussion music bringing their authentic ‘self’ into a collective whole.


Where: Kato Garouna Village, Corfu, Greece 


When: 23-26.8.2018 


This gathering will become the ground for the shaping of a special issue for the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices. 

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