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title. An Iliad

date. 17 - 25/01/2020 & 
         30 - 31/01/2020

cityCorfu, Greece 
venueRegional & Municipal Theatre of Corfu,

Roes Theatre, Athens

credits. Written by Lisa Peterson

Directed by

Barbara Doukas

Music composition

Yiorgos Vasilandonakis

Translated by Marita Arvaniti

Costume & set designer

Akis Chirdaris

Performed by

Nikos Arvanitis 

Musician on stage 

Nikos Metallinos,

Simone Mongelli

Production management.

Chrysanthi Avloniti, Monamas Company

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An Iliad by Lisa Peterson is a modern adaptation of Homer's classic.

It deals with the aftermath of war and its repercussions in our lives.

Directed by Barbara Doukas and performed by Nikos Arvanitis, accompanied by a musician on stage, Nikos Metallinos.

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