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titleThe Free Besieged

date22 - 24/11/2019

city. Moliterno, Basilicata Italy
venuecasa Petrocelli 

(Altofest Matera Basilicata 2019)

credits. Conceived & Directed by

Chrysanthi Avloniti 

Performed by 

Chrysanthi Avloniti

& Anna Kritikou

Photos by Pascualle Dicillo

18 copy.JPG

What is Freedom? What is the importance of Freedom? Will we ever be able to live in a perfect free world?

A world free of conflict, hunger and unhappiness? Or is this a Utopia? Is freedom itself a utopian place? 

We’re here to question the very meaning of Freedom. 

The Free Besieged is a performance based on an unfinished work composed by Dionysios Solomos (written both in Greek and Italian). 

Inspired by this text, our performance talks about the struggle for freedom and the state of our world today.

A world where we seemingly feel free but in fact are completely controlled and manipulated in acting and behaving in certain ways. 

Monamas Theatre Company will be working on The Free Besieged in a residency at the

Altofest Matera Basilicata 2019, Capital of Culture

Since 2011, Altofest calls citizens to become space donors, welcoming artists into their private spaces.
These private and intimate places (apartments, terraces, basements, courtyards, whole buildings, artisan shops) become spaces for artistic residencies, where each artist will re-qualify one of their artworks in dialogue with and in relation to the citizen’s daily lived experience.

The work inhabits totally new spaces, geometries and memories, calling the artist to reconsider its structure, its essence and its form, in relation to space and all other relations passing through space. 

Open presentations of the residency took place from the 22nd to the 24th of November and were open to all citizens of Moliterno and Basilicata region. 

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