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title. Look at me


venue.The Cockpit Theatre 


credits. Conceived by Chrysanthi Avloniti

Music composition by Anna Kritikou. 

Performed by 

Chrysanthi Avloniti

& Anna Kritikou


LOOK AT ME explores how fashion & beauty industries set the rules and shape the masses; how the concept of the ‘truly feminine’ has been fashioned and how both women and men are conditioned to dress, behave and think in a distinct way.


Balancing between the darkly funny and the surreal, LOOK AT ME focuses on a woman working herself into a frenzy as she tries to redefine herself and the social norms in which she is deeply embedded. 


LOOK AT ME is a delicate clownery act - applying elements from stand up comedy and social satire - exploring the idea of gender as a social structure and its possible limitations.

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