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date22 - 27/10/2019

     & 03 - 10/11/2019

city. Corfu, Greece
venueRegional & Municipal Theatre of Corfu


credits. Written by Ioanna Etmekstoglou

Directed by

Chrysanthi Avloniti 

Choreographed by Katerina Pagiataki

Music by Ioanna Etmekstoglou, Manthos Damigos

Costume design by

Set design by

Performed by 

Natalia Kapodistria, Aleksandra Pagiataki , Spyros Sklavounos, Sofia Tomprou  

Commissioned and produced by the Regional & Municipal Theatre of Corfu

Line production. Monamas Ltd. / Chrysanthi Avloniti & Anna Kritikou


Stahtares is an original play written by I.Etmeksoglou.

It was directed by Chrysanthi Avloniti for the Regional and Municipal thearte of Corfu.

The play talks about displacement and is a call for inclusivity. 

It makes the young audience understand the meaning of being different and embrace the otherness.

A very sweet play with song and dance that amuses the young crowds and gives a valuable lesson of acceptance and peace. 

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